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          Company successfully by enterprise certificate officially classified
          2018-09-21 This station Label:

            On December 23, liaoning exporters of light industrial products of secondary classification management of enterprises in the company 3 formal meeting. FengZhenWei SongShuLing, and GaoWenGe head office in liaoning accompanied by entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate Mr.Yang,huludao entry-exit inspection and quarantine Liwei,deputy director, the inspection and quarantine division chief review.


            The general manager of the company,FengZhenWei reinspection to save leader commodity inspection report to the company.Based on the assessment team line 7 of the initial emphasis on quality management system, implement the inspection of qualified in batch test,quality manual,program files,files management etc,and strict careful examination of production on the spot,and I make a random inspection of the company is to be completed in the experiment center.


            In the afternoon,16:30 in the team meetings to my company product quality, management system to work.The assessment teams unanimously passed appraisal,announced the company export products of enterprises producing secondary review.


            After class,the company in many enterprises will enjoy the convenience of inspection and quarantine measures:enterprise sampling frequency further reduce,port inspection link further reduce time is shortened,railway,the product is exported from enjoying including inspection and administration mode.Convenient etc.Through multiple inspection and quarantine measures to enjoy convenient,company export operation cost and customs clearance cost will greatly reduced,it enhances the company in the competitiveness of the international market.At the same time,the listed company of management by siqsaq list issued by foreign enterprises,improving the reputation and credibility,establish a good image enterprises.

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