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          Hold firmly time training to meet national laboratory accreditation
          2018-09-21 This station Label:

           In order to meet the national laboratory accreditation,improve the experiment center of personnel qualities and skills,my company invites Beijing sun chi management consulting Co.,LTD, pan and qin teacher training study conducted two times,to attend the training is the vice general manager, director of GaoWenGe qc department ZhuYuWu,laboratory  director WangTieJun,minister of corporate governance FangLiQun,hr department minister TongYu and all the experiment center staff.


            Learning GaoWenGe meeting,deputy general manager as huludao steel industry limited company,the director of center of experimental study on the important conference,director of the speech and the mobilization,emphasize speaking do training main task is to study laboratory ISO/IEC17025 standards of various factors,2005, the deployment of experimental center of duties and each must grasp the technical knowledge.


            2010 in January 26-27,consulting guidance to the experimental center of pan,understand the experiment center status,organization structure design, preparation,approved by progress and reporting of the effective communication,determine the recognition of the whole idea,standardize and improve the experimental center of management.


            By 2010,feb. 24-25,consult guidance pan to experiment center,and the national meeting emphasized the quality of laboratory accreditation handbook,supplemented content. Document Explain the procedure files and records and documents form 4 sample provided. For ISO/IEC17025 standards of training and 2005: special rule of training.


            Through the above two training center in laboratory experiments staff ISO/IEC17025 standards,2005 had a clearer understanding of the responsibilities for,lay the solid foundation laboratory accreditation.

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