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          The factory was ground-broken projects into construction stage. Tension
          2018-09-21 This station Label:

           The Philippines clark economic development zone of 10 million tons established ASTMA53 round steel pipe welding standard,API5L pipeline steel tube and 5CT API casing project of steel structure workshop monomer building foundation engineering recently started construction, marks the factory building and into the clark,a new stage,early 2010,conforme as the engineering office to smoothly.


            Until December 31,besides building construction,other project has already started all. Including: has been completed,the system of steel factory backfilling fence,construction,installation of the substation,cushion plant construction,road parts of steel structure workshop foundation project has started.


            Current season belongs to the dry season,suitable for the local civil engineering,you must bow to advance the project process.Local construction condition is hard but also with intense heat,in order to progress in the tough environment influence,not rob the construction progress.To grasp key, he company leading it drudgery,painstakingly,2009,dec.19 FengZhenWei general manager office,the scene personally to look carefully at the construction site,ask for details of the construction progress.Listen carefully to the staff,the whole situation of engineering construction difficulties,the quality of project,all-round understanding.


            The smooth construction of the factory,I hope marked by capital operation mode to realize industry upgrading and overseas expansion strategy towards the most solid step.

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