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          Huludao city steel tube industry Co.,LTD Laboratory center,established in 2004.This lab testing equipment and environment has facilities,perfect testing technology,reasonable structure, management science,etc.center with physics laboratory,the chemistry lab and production site NDT and hydrostatic test.Routine with 13 sets of equipment,ultrasonic detection is equipped with a hydraulic pressure over 14 sets of equipment,instruments and equipment worth nearly 600 million yuan RMB,With reasonable structure,and the detection range and adapt to the task of high,medium and junior professional technicians and managerial personnel,and total:35 (lab personnel 18,production site NDT and hydraulic testing personnel 17),including senior professional technical personne1l,technicians4,level of the operator 6,the operator level 3ⅡUT testing personnel 6,UTⅠqualified through examination and inspection personnel 8,Laboratory center has a good test environment and facilities,including experimental center of experimental area for 1400 meters,covers an area of 3,000 square meters.


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